Shot in Mexico, wrote about mafia journalist

In the Mexican city of Culiacan was killed by a well-known writer and journalist Javier Valdez. His car was shot at on the street, reports BBC News.

50-year-old journalist became famous because of the articles and books on the activities of drug cartels, such as Sinaloa. He recently published the book “Narcoguerrilla”, where he spoke about the plight of media workers who do not wish to be silent despite the threats of drug traffickers.

“To be a journalist means to be always in the black list (…) Even if you’re wearing body armor and you the bodyguards, the gang will decide what day they will kill you,” he said at the presentation last year.

As noted by Telesur, a 50-year-old Valdes is the sixth journalist killed in Mexico since the beginning of this year. Last year the victims were 11 members of the media, in relation to another 400 were attacked.

Sinaloa is one of the largest drug cartels in the country. It is believed that it supplies about a quarter of all drugs from Mexico to the United States.