Named a global catastrophe of the future

Named a global catastrophe of the future

YouTube channel RealLifeLore published a video on the catastrophic events that will occur in the next billion years.

So, after eight thousand years there may be a problem of ten thousand years, which may arise with the software due to the fact that to represent the year in dates uses four instead of five digits.

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After 50 thousand years there will come a new glacial period, and will disappear Niagara falls. Within 500 thousand years the Earth will likely collide with a large asteroid with a diameter of one kilometer and a half years later will occur the eruption of the volcano. By the time Betelgeuse will become a supernova.

In 50 million years Phobos will fall on the surface of Mars, and in a hundred million to our planet to crash into the asteroid with a diameter of more than 10 kilometers.

At the same time Saturn is already completely lose rings. 400-500 million years later, there will likely be powerful gamma flash, which can destroy the ozone layer on Earth. The sun will also increase its brightness, leading to climate change. The level of carbon dioxide drastically reduced, with the result that photosynthesis would be impossible. Finally, after a billion years the Earth’s oceans will disappear, due to the powerful greenhouse effect.