Kasyanov refused presidential ambitions


RIA Novosti

The Chairman of the “people’s freedom Party” (PARNAS) Mikhail Kasyanov does not plan to participate in the elections of the President of Russia in 2018. On Saturday, may 13, reported on the website of political power.

During the meeting of the Federal political Council Kasyanov said that “he has no desire to participate in the presidential race,” reads the press release. Indicates that the PARNAS determined the format of participation in presidential elections no later than October 2017. Subject to the support or nomination of a candidate for the presidency will be the adoption of the political agenda of the party, said the press service of PARNASSUS.

Election of the President of Russia will be held in March 2018. About his intention to run for the post of head of state has said, in particular, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the founder of the party “Yabloko” Grigory Yavlinsky and Alexei Navalny. Russian leader Vladimir Putin promised to tell you whether it will participate in the elections, “when the time is ripe”.