Clinton started to build a “bright future”

Hillary Clinton

Participating in the presidential race in the United States from the Democratic party, the former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton announced the creation of a new movement in support of political candidates for different posts in government. About this politician wrote in his Twitter.

Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton)
15 may 2017, 20:12

“We are launching a movement “Together forward” (Onward Together) to inspire people to involvement, organization, and even to participate in elections. More than ever, I believe that citizen participation is vital to our democracy. I’m so inspired by all those involved in the organization and leadership,” Clinton said.

The title “forward Together” is consonant with her campaign slogan “Together we are stronger” (Stronger Together). Similar logo — the words separated by an arrow.

On the website of the movement States that its mission is “to promote progressive values and build a brighter future for future generations.” The slogan “Resist, insist, persist, enlist the help”.

5 may sources in the environment, Clinton announced her plans to create a political party for financing of public resistance to initiatives of the President of Donald trump. She assembles a team of his former advisers and aides, which will seek donations and contributions to various community organizations who opposed the election of trump’s head of state.

May 3 Clinton in an interview with CNN has called the culprits of his defeat in the elections in the fall of 2016, the Russian hackers and the FBI Director James Komi. In her words, she “was on her way to victory when the letter Komi and Russian WikiLeaks… scared off the voting.”