Wanting at the last moment to vote not “in residence” will be asked to explain the reason

© Alexander Ryumin/TASS

MOSCOW, may 15. /TASS/. Voters who in the last four days before the presidential election in 2018 to decide to not vote at the place of registration will have to explain the reason for the change of the polling station. Such norm contains in materials of the CEC of Russia prepared for the meeting with the regional electoral commissions devoted to the mechanisms of voting without absentee ballots.

Voters will need to submit an application to the precinct election Commission (PEC) at the place of registration to 14:00 Saturday on the eve of election day. The document will be protected by a special stamps in order to avoid fraud and multiple voting.

“This was done to counteract possible abuse and applies only to those who indicates her desire to vote in the other place too late. Those who file a statement of change of area in advance, do not need to explain and confirm”, – stated in the materials of the CEC.