The Moscow oil refinery has stopped accepting oil

Moscow oil refinery (owned by “Gazprom oil”) have stopped accepting oil from may 14. On Monday, may 15, said Advisor to the President of “Transneft” Igor Dyomin, transfers “Interfax”.

“Since yesterday because of the emergency situation has stopped the reception and delivery of finished products in the Moscow oil refinery,” he said.

In turn, the press service of the plant, the Agency said that the company continued start-up operation after scheduled maintenance. “May 14 at 09:30 GMT the sulfur recovery unit Moscow refinery was shut down during testing of automatic safety system,” — said the source.

The system worked normally, no incidents were recorded. Installation will be started in the near future. “Currently, the configuration of process units of the refinery ensures the implementation of the approved production program for the production of commercial products”, — said the representative of the Moscow refinery. According to him, the objective data of the integrated system of ecological monitoring of enterprises indicate the absence of excess emissions of pollutants at the facilities of the plant.

Meanwhile, as specifies “Interfax”, mosekomonitoring recorded on the weekend of 17-fold excess concentrations of hydrogen sulfide in the South of Moscow.

The Moscow refinery is located in the area Kapotnya. According to the website of “Gazprom oil”, the plant provides 34% of the Metropolitan fuel market and produces 30 kinds of oil products. The bulk of production is motor fuel of Euro-5, road, construction and polymermodified bitumen, furnace oil, liquefied gas for household use.