The militants destroyed ancient statues in the ancient city on the Euphrates

A frame from the video

Supporters of the terrorist group ISIS has destroyed several statues and bas-reliefs in the town of Dura-Europos in Eastern Syria, announced on Sunday, may 14, the Syrian news Agency SANA.

Made by vandals video footage appeared on the sites supporting the militants. Video of the antique sculptures and bas-reliefs crushed by hammer into small pieces.

Hassan Hassan حسن (@hxhassan)
13 may 2017, 22:54

According to SANA, militants previously machined Dura-Europos organized looting, destroying the cultural values. Banned in Russia, ISIS and other terrorist organizations are trading in archaeological artifacts, taking them smuggled from Syria, and those findings that can not sell, destroy.

The Agency called the incident a “new crime against the Syrian civilization and world heritage”.

Dura-Europos is an ancient city near the modern qal’at es-Salihiya in Syria that existed from about 300 BC to 256. Became known in connection with archaeological finds and well-preserved ancient frescoes.

In January 2017, the militants destroyed part of the Roman theatre and Tetrapylon in the Syrian Palmyra.