The former head of the Pentagon stated the deterioration of relations between Russia and the United States at the trump

Robert Gates

U.S. President Donald trump relations between Moscow and Washington have deteriorated. This was stated by former head of the Ministry of defence of the USA Robert gates in the program Face the Nation channel CBS.

“I think after the arrival of the President to the authorities of Russian descent do not give. What has surprised observers is the fact that relations between the United States and Russia became even worse after the election,” gates explained, remembering the 39th and 40th presidents of the country. He also called not to attach much importance to the trump meeting with Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

“For a long time the Soviet Ministers met with the President. Jimmy Carter this practice after Afghanistan ceased. Ronald Reagan regained it in 1984, so I think there is nothing extraordinary in this meeting, no,” summed up gates.

Trump 12 may in an interview suggested that the discussion with Lavrov will ultimately save many people from death.

Earlier, Lavrov after meeting with trump, the White house said that the President expressed his intention to improve relations with Russia. Lavrov, in turn, called the staff of administration trump to business people. The Russian foreign Ministry noted that despite all difficulties, Russia and the U.S. can and must work together to solve the key problems on the international agenda.