The court issued a recording of the conversation saruchera wife-transgender Dutchman

In mass media appeared the audio telephone conversation, during which welded a wife transgender, the Dutchman asks for the help of an electrician. Entry was posted in court, reported The Independent.

“I was cooking on the stove, the pan ran water. It leaked down somewhere, then there was… a loud Bang and the power went out. Today can you fix it?”, — with these words killed the wife of Marcus Folke in October 2014 asked the service repair of electrical appliances.

When the electrician came home to Folke, I felt a strong smell. The resident of the house explained that he was cooking pig’s broth. However, the employee was confused by the abundance of bottles with bleach and scattered around rubber gloves, and he spoke about what he saw the super. He called the police.

When the guards arrived on the scene, they found there are Folke. He initially agreed to help them, and then asked to let him into the apartment to put the dog on a leash. He locked himself inside, cut his own throat, ran outside and hid in a dumpster, where he died from loss of blood.

Meanwhile, police entered the apartment and saw standing at the plate a saucepan a human foot. “I thought it was some horrible joke, like what are you doing for Halloween. But then I realized that this is not a joke,” he told the court police.

How did you find the consequence, who worked as a chef on a cruise ship Folke met with the Indonesian transgender Mayang, Prasetyo (Mayang Prasetyo) who worked for a living by prostitution and escort services in Australia. The young people were married in 2013 and settled in Holland. Prior to the murder of Folke complained to the doctors for depression and insomnia.

The court will have to establish not only the circumstances of the murder and suicide, but also to answer whether the blame police for the death of Folke.