The Central Bank revoked the licenses of two Moscow banks

The Central Bank of Russia withdrew the license for implementation of Bank operations at “Informprogress” and KB “INTEKOOPBANK”. On Monday, may 15, the press service of the regulator.

“The business model of KB “Informprogress” (OOO) was largely focused on servicing the interests of its owners. The Bank placed funds in low-quality assets, including in the construction industry, and failed to adequately assess credit risks”, — stated in the message controller. Because of this, the amount of own funds of the credit organization decreased to the level below the registered share capital.

JSC “INTEKOOPBANK”, as the press-service, has long been in the field of view of the Central Bank in connection with the Bank transit and suspicious transactions related to cash and withdrawal of funds abroad under transactions with securities. This activity continued, despite the measures taken by the regulator to stop it. This is indicative of the absence of the management and owners of the organization intentions to normalize its activities.

Both banks are located in Moscow and are participants of System of insurance of contributions.