Reuters reported intense shooting in two cities in côte d’ivoire

In the two largest cities in côte d’ivoire — Abidjan and bouaké heard heavy shooting. About it reports Reuters with reference to eyewitnesses.

“I heard shots of Kalashnikov and heavier weapons. Very intensive shooting began at about five in the morning and walked for an hour,” explained Reuters a resident of Abidjan, who lives near the presidential Palace and the U.S. Embassy.

According to reports of RIA news, last week the authorities announced that more than 8 thousand troops refused financial demands, which caused mass protests.

In the country since January, there are riots instigated by the former military and employees of other law enforcement agencies. For example, on 6 January it was reported about the rebellion in three cities, including bouaké.

A similar revolt took place in 2014. Then hundreds of soldiers have blocked roads in several cities across the country, demanding repayment of wage arrears. The government agreed to resolve the issue.