Putin praised the threat of absorption by China of the Russian economy

Vladimir Putin

China cannot absorb the Russian economy, said President Vladimir Putin at a press conference at the forum of “One belt and one road” on Monday, may 15, answering the question of correspondent of”.ru”.

“We are not a country that is afraid of something, and China’s actions are not aimed at this,” said Putin in Beijing.

The Russian leader also said that Moscow intends to deepen cooperation with China. In particular, we are talking about joint projects in space.

“We cooperate in space, quite successfully, and there is every chance that we this collaboration will increase. On the agenda — the delivery to China our rocket engines,” he added.

At the end of March, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said that strengthening trade ties with China remains Russia’s unshakable priority. He also stressed that Moscow satisfied with development of cooperation with China.