Putin instructed to give immediate assistance to the victims of flood Russians

Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the emergency situations Ministry and regional authorities in the shortest possible time to provide assistance to citizens whose homes were affected by the spring floods. The President also instructed the regional authorities to carry out a detailed assessment of damage to infrastructure, residential and social objects and make a plan of action for their recovery, reports “Interfax”.

“I would like you to inform how is organized the evacuation of people and the location of the affected citizens”, — said the Russian leader to participants held Monday, may 15, at the Irkutsk meeting on elimination of consequences of floods and forest fires. According to him, Russia has already developed the mechanism of action and regulatory basis for effective operation in such emergencies.

The President during meeting said that the floods affected mostly the Central, Siberian, Ural, Volga and northwestern Federal districts. Particularly affected Tyumen oblast, Putin added. As reported by NTV, where the flood cut off from the outside world for seven villages. For disasters, rescuers erected a two-kilometer Causeway. The water level is decreasing slowly, but the area of flooding remains at the same level.

In April, Omsk region, the flood washed a new road a few months ago. She was in the village Sarafovo message which was interrupted for a few days.