President at Microsoft has placed on the CIA and NSA blame for the attack of the virus WannaCry

Mass attack of the virus-the extortioner WannaCry became possible due to the fact that the CIA and the national security Agency (NSA) of the USA is in their interests to collect data on software vulnerabilities, said the President of Microsoft brad Smith.

“We saw that the data about the vulnerabilities that was collected by the CIA were published on WikiLeaks, now stolen from the NSA data affected users worldwide,” — said in a statement posted on the website of the Corporation.

Smith compared the incident with the “theft of a few Tomahawk missiles, the army” and called to perceive cyber attacks as a Wake-up call for all governments in the world and the signal is rather “to awaken”. According to the head of Microsoft about vulnerabilities in the software only needs to know the developers, not the security services.

In the modern world attack WannaCry “reveals alarming link between the two most serious forms of cyber threats — the actions of States and criminal groups,” said the President of Microsoft.

On may 14 the Director of Europol Rob Wainwright said that the number of victims of the virus may increase the morning of Monday, may 15, in connection with the beginning of the work week.

A day earlier, blogger MalwareTech said that he managed to stop the spread of the virus by registering a domain name with a meaningless title

Virus-extortionist WanaCrypt0r 2.0 (aka WannaCry) encrypts information and requires to pay the ransom. The malware started to spread on 12 may and has infected tens of thousands of computers in 74 countries around the world. Experts have called the attack the most massive in history.