Medinsky spoke about the new requirements for houses of culture


RIA Novosti

The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky presented the regions requirements for houses of culture: so, they should be concert halls, table tennis and a children’s room, but there should be no office for the chief.

He explained that the house of culture, which allocated Federal funds, must become houses of culture a new model, so the Agency has developed new requirements.

“What would I want them to (house of culture) had a concert hall, a cinema hall, a complex zone of active rest, Billiards, table tennis, a place for exhibitions and discos, then there is some kind of multipurpose space, not necessarily recreation room for children,” said Medinsky at a meeting of the coordinating Council under the Ministry of culture on Friday.

According to him, also in the houses of culture must be provided the library with a reading room and sports ground in adjacent territories. He noted that some regions build a DK, but they are not suited for leisure activities of the population, as there are some offices of administration.

“I believe that the office for the chief in DC should not be. If the Director wants the Cabinet — to drive his filthy broom,” added Medina.