Mayhem at the Ural cemetery arranged candy seeking children

The massacre at the village cemetery in the Sverdlovsk region staged three teenagers. On Monday, may 15, RIA Novosti said the representative regional GU MVD of Russia Valery Burnt.

According to him, children came to the cemetery in search of candy, which are usually left on the graves of the relatives of the dead. “…However, finding candy, [they] became angry and began to break the headstones,” said Burnt.

He said that in fact the incident the police of the city of Karlin, situated near the village, filed a case under the criminal code of Russia “Violation of bodies died and places of their burial”. The burnt added that in respect of teenage parents, the police intends to initiate administrative proceedings “and to hold them accountable for improper execution of duties on education of their children.”

On the eve of the Agency “European-Asian news” reported that vandals have crushed a cemetery near Bogdanovich, destroying more than 100 gravestones.