In India raped a woman beaten with bricks after a threat to go to the police

In the Indian state of Haryana rapists scored the victim with bricks after she threatened to complain to the police. About it reports The Independent.

23-year-old woman lived in the village Sonipat. According to the police, she, along with a group of villagers went to the car in the nearby town of Rohtak. There she was gang raped. When the woman said that will complain to the police, she smashed his skull with bricks. The victim’s body was found in a field near Rohtak Thursday, may 11.

Police have arrested two residents Sonipat on suspicion of murder and rape. The mother of the murdered pointed to six men who, in her opinion, were accomplices in the crime, now they are under investigation. As found by the police informed the family of the deceased filed a complaint against one of the suspects, accusing him of forcing a woman to marriage, but then all has ended with reconciliation of the parties.

Violence against women remains one of the most pressing problems in India. In 2013, the authorities of the country under the influence of the society has tightened the punishment for such crimes. Wide coverage both in local and international media started after the death of 23-year-old girl in December 2012, was raped by six men in a bus in Delhi. The victim later died from severe injuries.

Of the six criminals who were accused of assaulting a student, one committed suicide in prison, four were sentenced to death and another was received the maximum term for a minor to three years in prison. However, despite the harsh sentence, the number of such crimes has not decreased.