During a prison riot in Papua New Guinea was shot dead 17 prisoners

Prison guards in Papua New Guinea during the riot prisoners shot dead 17 people who attempted to escape. About it reports The Independent.

The rebellion happened in the prison Buimo located in the city of Lae. Guard opened fire on the escapees broke through the main gate of the penitentiary. However, the majority managed to escape. At the moment, arrested three people, 57 still remain at large. The causes of the rebellion are not specified.

Police urged residents Lae to be vigilant, warning of a possible spike in crime in the coming days. The guards believe that we can expect the growth in the number of car thefts and armed robberies.

This is the fourth rebellion in prison Buimo over the past four years. In February 2016 30 prisoners attacked the guards, trying to break free. 11 people were shot. A year earlier, 55 people successfully broke through the gate and fled the city. In 2013 while trying to escape was killed by one of the prisoners, 44 disappeared.