Died who played in the films “sin City” and “Stalingrad” powers Boothe

Powers Boothe

In Los Angeles died American actor powers Boothe, who starred in dozens of films and TV series, including “Deadwood”, “Tombstone: the Legend of the Wild West”, “sin City” and “the Avengers,” reports the Associated Press. He was 68 years old.

The representative of the booth Beau bridges reported that the actor died “of natural causes” at his home on Sunday, may 14.

Actor known for his work in the films “Stalingrad” and “Angels of death” (played the role of a Soviet General Vasily Chuikov), “Red dawn”, “Sudden death”, “At dawn”.

Private memorial ceremony will be held in Texas, where the actor was born.

In 1980 he received the award “Emmy” for the role of the leader of the Pro-community “peoples Temple” in the TV movie “Guyana Tragedy: story of Jim Jones”. There we are talking about the deaths of 918 people, who founded their settlement in the South American country. According to Washington, “peoples Temple” was a destructive cult, and all the settlers in November 1978, committed suicide or were killed by “co-religionists”. Soviet researchers came to the conclusion that members of the community destroyed the US special forces right after they sought asylum in the USSR, and the official picture of events was staged.