CEC: Voting is not “in residence” will have to specify the reason

CEC: Voting is not “in residence” will have to specify the reason

The citizens, who for four days before the vote and later decide to change the plot, will be forced to explain why, according to TASS.

We are talking about the next presidential elections in 2018. Such a rule, says the Agency, is contained in materials of the CEC prepared for the meeting with the regional electoral commissions devoted to the mechanisms of voting without absentee ballots.

We will remind, in March of this year senators Andrei Klishas and Anatoly Shirokov submitted to the state Duma a package of amendments to the electoral legislation, including in the abolition of voting by absentee ballots. Their initiatives taken by the state Duma in the first reading, is now preparing for the main — second reading — to which your proposal contributes to the CEC.

Initially, the requirement to specify the reason for the change of site was not, but now, the CEC proposes to oblige to give explanations of those who declare their desire to “too late”, i.e. four days before the vote or less. They will be able to apply to the precinct election Commission (PEC) at the place of registration to 14:00 Saturday on the eve of election day.

This is done to combat possible abuse and applies only to those who indicates her desire to vote in the other place too late. Those who file a statement of change of area in advance, do not need to explain and confirm.CEC

Such citizens will be able not earlier than 45 days and not later than 5 days before the voting day to come in the next territorial election Commission (TEC), or not earlier than 10 and not later than 5 days in the district election Commission and submit an application for inclusion in the voter list in the relevant section. Thus from the voter list at the place of permanent registration, they will be excluded by the system “gas-Elections”.

A similar procedure is provided for those who resides, not where was. According to the CEC, voters in Russia about 5 million