CEC and “Yandex” will create a map of polling stations for the presidential elections

The Central election Commission of Russia, together with Yandex, will develop to the presidential election map of polling stations, said Deputy head of Department Nikolay Bulaev. His words leads TASS on Monday, may 15.

“We have recently held a meeting with the management of “Yandex”, which is ready to cooperate with us on voluntary basis, started to do this already. We hope to conclude an agreement that will make our relationship public,” he said.

Bulaev said that the map will be tailored to the cancellation of absentee ballots. Located not at the place of registration, voters will be able to find areas where they can vote. The CEC representative said that in Russia there are no analogues of such developments.

Earlier Monday, the head of the CEC of Russia Ella Pamfilova reported that voters, who four days before the election and later decide to vote at the location, will be organized from 9 to 12 thousand additional sites. The statement shall state the reason for the change of the polling station.

On 12 April, the state Duma adopted in the first reading a package of amendments to the electoral law, drafted by senators Andrew Clisham and Anatoly Shirokov. In particular, it provides for the abolition of absentee ballots for the presidential elections in 2018.