At the regional elections were won by Merkel’s party

In the elections to the Landtag of North Rhine — Westphalia leads the party of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian democratic Union, headed by Armin Lacheta. According to forecasts, it received 33 per cent votes, reports Deutsche Welle.

The Social democratic party of Germany (SPD) is 31.5 per cent, the Liberal FDP receives 12.7 percent, “the Union-90″/”green” — 6.3%, the Left party — 4,8% of the votes. Right populist “Alternative for Germany” (ADH) has received 7.3 percent, Party pirates — 0.9 percent. Other parties gain in the amount of 3.5 percent. The threshold of five percent.

The candidate of the SPD, the head of the land government, Hannelore Kraft announced the resignation from the post of Vice-Chairman of the SPD and Chairman of the branch of the party. Compared to the result of the last elections, the party lost more than eight percentage points of the vote.

As noted, the land election in North Rhine — Westphalia called “small universal” or dress rehearsal for a vote on September 24, when Germany will elect a new Bundestag, and he then — Chancellor. The area is only a fourth of the 16 Federal States of Germany, but by population first. It is home to almost a quarter of all voters — more than 13 million.