American family removed from flight after a conflict that cake

American family removed from flight after a conflict that cake

The American company JetBlue was removed from the flight new York- Las Vegas family carried in the plane of the cake.

Video of the incident on Twitter was published in the reporter channel ABC7NY.

Jersey City family kicked off flight over a cake. @JetBlue says the passenger was agitated/security risk. Video appears to tell different story.

— CeFaan Kim (@CeFaanKim) may 14, 2017

As noted on the website of the TV channel, the incident occurred with the family of Burke (Burke), which is up on the Board, placed the dessert on the Luggage shelf. However, the flight attendants said that it threatens the security and asked to shift under the seat.

After that, Cameron Burke noticed how the flight attendants discussing something and came to him. Flight attendants stated that their conversation did not concern the incident with the cake. However, it seemed to the man that the behavior of one of the flight attendants is not OK, and he asked her if she was not drunk.

After that, on Board that has not yet left the airport John F. Kennedy rose to the police and asked the family to leave the plane.

JetBlue representatives claim that the incident occurred due to the fact that Cameron Burke insulted the crew.