Trump has expressed the desire to know the truth about the hacker attacks before the elections in USA

US President, Donald trump declared his desire to know the truth about the hacker attacks before elections in the United States in 2016. He said this in an interview that was broadcast on the Fox News channel on Saturday, may 13, reports TASS.

“If the hacking attacks were, who made them? I want to know the truth,” said trump, speaking about the trial, about the alleged interference in the presidential election in 2016. The US leader declared that “wants to get to the ins and outs” of what transpired during the election campaign and is not going to interfere with the investigation conducted by the house of representatives and the FBI.

“I want them investigated quickly. But I’m more interested in the fact that they are investigated properly,” he said.

Also trump has made it clear that he does not need the creation of a special Commission to investigate the “Russian interference” in the elections of the President of the United States. “I don’t think it should be” — he said, answering the question of the possibility of such working group. He also noted that his “nothing to do with Russia.”

In the United States after the election of the President conducted an investigation of alleged external interference in the election campaign. The initiators of the proceedings, many of whom were supporters of the Democratic party and its candidate, Hillary Clinton, impose on Russia responsible for a series of cyber attacks against American political organizations. The CIA, FBI and NSA had previously prepared a report, which claimed that President Vladimir Putin personally ordered to organize a campaign in order to win trump. Moscow has consistently rejected all such accusations.

11 may trump in the NBC interview, refuted “the secret cooperation with the Russians” and stressed that “Russia did not affect the vote,” however, made for the continuation of the FBI’s investigation to “find out whether the election problems that are associated with Russia.” May 10 White house spokesman Sean Spicer said that trump had no objection to the investigation.