Trump has denied the influence of Russia on the results of voting in the United States



The President of the United States Donald trump in an interview with NBC said on the possible extension of the investigation to the FBI about the alleged influence of Russia on elections in the country. The head of the White house denied the link its headquarters with Moscow and declared that “the Russians did not affect the vote.”

The US leader also denies the existence of business relationships in Russia that owns any real estate in Moscow.

I have no investments in Russia, no

— Donald trump (quoted by the newspaper “Vedomosti”).

In conversation with journalists the President of the USA said that he is not the object of an FBI investigation. This Trump told the former Director of intelligence James Comey.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov said at a meeting with the President of the United States Donald trump and Secretary of state, Rex Tillerson was not talking about the possible presence of observers of Washington in the areas of de-escalation in Syria. Lavrov noted that Russia drew interest on any United States contribution to the implementation of this concept.