The Federation Council discussed a new tax on self-employed



Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Yevgeny Bushmin said about the need to adopt a law on self-employed citizens, because at the moment all of them, he said, engaged in illegal activities.

“They all engaged in illegal entrepreneurship — quotes bushmina the Agency “Moscow”. — At any moment the police comes and takes them all, we don’t want to.”

The need for the law Senator justified the concern of the population: “We don’t want any COP had a right to come to them and to initiate criminal proceedings”.

According to bushmina, the self-employed should be exempt from income tax, however, obliging them to pay a “municipalities in the bulb, fences, roads and yards”. In this case, the politician believes, will avoid social upheaval. While self-employed he took and those people who cultivate their own gardens, doing “personal subsidiary economy”.

The bill, prepared by Bosmina and his colleague Sergey Ryabuhina offers from 2019 to oblige self-employed to buy the patents, that is, to “advance tax payments”. Experts surveyed by RBC, however, pointed to the fact that advance payments are, in fact, become a form of “tax parasites”, since after the acquisition of the patent income from their activities the person may not get.

Currently self-employed in Russia include nannies, Tutors and maids, but the list is proposed to significantly expand.

We will add that in early may, Senator Valery Ryazansky offered as a coercive measure to legalize the self-employed to deny them travel abroad. Previously heard sentences and the denial of their right to health care besides emergency cases.

In total, according to various estimates, in Russia there are from 15 to 30 million self-employed people, part of whom receives a salary in “envelopes”.