Simplified procedure for confirmation of the length of service for pensions



The government has amended the rules of calculation of insurance experience for establishment of insurance pensions. The decree published on the official website of the Cabinet.

The document, in particular, establishes a simplified procedure of confirmation of periods of care for a group I disability, a disabled child or person under the age of 80 years, as well as for able-bodied persons, who have received or receive compensation or monthly payments. “These periods will be confirmed by the information of the individual (personified) account”, – stated in the decree.

Also the document says that the insurance length of service will include periods when the citizen paid insurance contributions for themselves or another person for whom the insured person money is not made. Also there will be times when a citizen was wrongly prosecuted, but then rehabilitated, or were temporarily suspended from work.

According to the government, innovations will allow to provide the most complete monitoring and realization of pension rights of citizens.

Insurance period represents the total duration of the periods of work of the insured person during his life, for which he pays the premiums. In the insurance period includes periods of military service, care of one parent for each child up to the age of 1.5 years, the period of receiving unemployment benefit, while caring for a disabled group I, a disabled child or for a person under the age of 80 years and other periods.

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