Putin urged to abandon the militant rhetoric in international relations

Vladimir Putin

The world must renounce its military rhetoric, said Russian President Vladimir Putin at opening ceremony and “One belt and one road” in Beijing. His words leads RIA Novosti. “In General, the logic of the old approaches can’t solve any of current problems. Need fresh, free from stereotypes ideas,” he said.

According to him, areas of long-standing contradictions persist in too many places in Eurasia, and to untie these knots we must first renounce its military rhetoric, mutual accusations and recrimination that exacerbates the situation.

The President expressed the belief that Eurasia is able to develop and offer a substantive agenda that includes the issues of security and relations between States, organizations of the economy, social sphere, management system, search of new growth drivers.

According to Putin, poverty, social exclusion, there is a huge gap in the level of development of countries, regions provide a breeding ground for international terrorism, extremism and illegal migration.

“Ideas of openness, freedom of trade is now increasingly rejected, and often those who most recently served as their advocate. Imbalance in socio-economic development, the crisis of the model of globalization lead to negative consequences for relations between States, international security,” Putin said.

“We cannot cope with these challenges, if not overcome stagnation, stagnation in the global economic development,” he said.

In Beijing on may 14-15, held a high-level forum on international cooperation in the framework of the strategy of “One belt and one road”. It involves presidents and Prime Ministers from 29 countries.