Lavrov pointed to the sequence of trump in relations with Russia

The President of the United States Donald trump before and after the elections saying that he wants to have normal relations with Russia, said foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on may 14 in the program “Sunday time” on the First channel, reports TASS.

Trump, as the Minister said, has never — neither during the campaign nor after the inauguration “did not say that he wants Russia to have a bad attitude,” but rather stated that he wanted to have normal and mutually respectful relations with all countries, including the Russian Federation.

“The sequence of President trump, in my opinion, was never broken,” — said Lavrov.

The most important “properly conscious of the General interest” of Russia and the USA Lavrov has described the fight against terrorism. According to him, the countries have a common understanding of the principles of settlement of the conflict in Syria.

At meetings on may 10 in Washington was talking about the fact that Russia and the United States together with other major players in the middle East affect different sides of the Syrian conflict and urged them to implement the resolutions of the UN Security Council involving negotiations, the drafting of a new Constitution, prepare for elections. “And in this issue we Americans have a mutual understanding,” — said the Minister.

However, Lavrov added, “to agree in principle about such things is easier than to implement them in practice,” because in Syria there are many players, including banned terrorist organization ISIS and “Dzhabhat EN-Nusra”.

Trump 12 may in an interview suggested that the discussion with Lavrov will ultimately save many people from death.

Earlier, Lavrov after meeting with trump, the White house said that trump has expressed its intention to improve relations with Russia. Lavrov, in turn, called the staff of administration trump to business people. The Russian foreign Ministry noted that despite all difficulties, Russia and the U.S. can and must work together to solve the key problems on the international agenda.