Klintsevich found a causticity in a statement, Washington on missile launches in the DPRK

The statement of the U.S. administration about Russia’s reaction to the rocket launch by the DPRK — causticity, which is unacceptable. This opinion was expressed by first Deputy head of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Frants Klintsevich Sunday, may 14, reports “Interfax”.

“Russia initially opposed such launches, regardless of whether they are near her or not, and our position is well known to all interested parties. The attempt to doubt it pulls on the provocation,” he said.

This Klintsevich added that “North Korean missiles with such ballistics objectively threaten our territory, and all necessary findings have been made”.

Earlier in the press service of the White house declared that Russia “cannot be satisfied” missile launch in North Korea, because it was made near its border. It was also noted that the rocket actually fell much closer to Russian territory than to the Japanese.

North Korea proceeded with the launch on the morning of 14 may from the province’s Do. The rocket flew for half an hour, covered a distance of about 700 kilometers and fell into the sea of Japan between the Korean Peninsula and Japan.

An unnamed us official said that the rocket stopped flying at a distance of 60 miles (96.5 km) from Vladivostok. However, according to the defense Ministry, the crash occurred in the Central part of the sea of Japan at a distance of 500 kilometers from Russian territory.

The launch was the first missile test of the DPRK for two weeks.