In France and found the paintings of Fragonard valued at six million euros

In France and found the paintings of Fragonard valued at six million euros

MOSCOW, may 14 — RIA Novosti. Two paintings by French painter of the eighteenth century Jean-Honore Fragonard (1732-1806), the cost of which is estimated at six million euros found in one of the castles in Normandy in North-Western France, the newspaper Figaro.

According to the publication, the painting “Le jeu de la palette” (“Game of shadows”) and “Le jeu de la bascule” (“Playing on swings”) were thought to be lost since 1786. Works of art, are classified as “national treasure,” was discovered by a specialist French company Tajan, organizing auctions, Tadde Pratom (Thaddée Prate) in one of the family castles in Normandy.

Descubren dos cuadros del pintor Jean-Honoré Fragonard que se daban por perdidos desde 1786

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Pictures of medium size, which depicts playing pieces on the backdrop of ancient ruins, most likely, was created by Fragonard in 1760, when he returned from Rome, the newspaper writes.

Reportedly, the owners of the castle were unaware that their house are masterpieces, and could not answer the question of how long the paintings were with them. “The hosts were talking about the school of the Bush, or Hubert Robert. But I immediately thought of the Fragonard because of these figures (shown in the pictures — ed.). Some time ago I saw them at the exhibition “in Love with Fragonard” in Museum of Luxembourg” — leads edition of the word Prata.

According to the publication, the pictures are banned for export from France for 30 months to the local patrons had enough time to raise funds for the purchase of works of art. The paintings will be presented on June 9 and 10 in the office of Tajan in Paris.