In Ekaterinburg has cancelled “Monstration”

Planned in Yekaterinburg on Sunday, may 14, the Ukrainian side will not take place. The organizers failed to obtain permission from local authorities to hold the event. This was announced on his page in social network “Vkontakte”.

The organisers also warned that the gathering place had better not come, because the police received notice of the possible unauthorized action, which provides for administrative liability.

According to TASS, initially “Monstration” in Ekaterinburg planned to hold on may 1, but to coordinate the event failed due to invalid compiled query. Then the organizers moved the rally on may 14.

May 1 in Novosibirsk “Monstration” was attended by about three thousand people. Apolitical procession is held in the city since 2004. Its members come annually on may 1 with absurd slogans such as “What number day?”, “The wardrobe is not the answer”, “We are you”, “the System, what’s so nervous?”, “The evil Empire. Empire is very evil!”. This year’s “Monstration” in addition to Novosibirsk, was held in nine regions of Russia, and also for the first time in Prague.