Emmanuel macron proclaimed by the President of France

Emmanuel macron proclaimed by the President of France

Francois Hollande left the Elysee Palace.

PARIS, may 14. /Offset. TASS Mikhail Timofeev/. The Chairman of the constitutional Council of France Laurent Fabius declared Emmanuel macron, the President of the country.

“You take office and become the eighth President of the French Republic,” said Fabius.

Earlier on the porch of the Elysee Palace hosted a farewell ceremony coming into office of the French President of Macron and completed his five year term of Francois Hollande. It was held after a conversation between two politicians in the presidential office, which lasted more than an hour, though originally not supposed to take more than 25 minutes.

Then, macron and Hollande broke up, telling each other sweet words, and firmly shaking hands. Emmanuel macron, Hollande walked to the car with him going down the stairs of the porch of the Palace that the Protocol is a demonstration of respect for the outgoing policy. Himself Hollande in 2012, took over the post of President, did not accompany Sarkozy from the door of the Palace, quickly turned away from him and left what was perceived in the political world as a blatant insult to the former head of state. Hollande then had to publicly apologize for the incident.

Now on the red carpet Hollande under the camera flashes and the applause went to his car parked in the middle of the main yard of the residence. From the Elysee Palace, former French President headed to the opposite Bank of the Seine, on the Rue Solferino, where the headquarters of the French socialist party. Thus, Hollande repeated that way, which in 1995 did his predecessor, socialist Francois Mitterrand.

The building on the street of Solferino Francois Hollande will be meeting with the leaders of the party, its MPs and senators. In the evening, the former President will head in a small circle of friends gala dinner.

Who left the post Hollande in accordance with existing rules will receive from the state a service apartment, several paid assistants, security, chauffeur and car. According to unofficial data, apartment Francois Hollande will be on the prestigious Rue de Rivoli.