Victims of blow of the US coalition on the Syrian Deir-ez-Zor were five civilians

Five civilians were killed during air strikes by the air force of the US-led coalition near the city of Deir-ez-Zor in northeast Syria. On Saturday, may 13, reports TASS with reference to the channel Al Jazeera.

Stormtroopers coalition fired at the settlement of al – Curia, which could be the terrorists of the “Islamic state” (IG, an organization banned in Russia). It is noted that two days ago during a night RAID on the village of es-Salhiya North of the city of raqqa killed at least 11 local residents, including four children.

3 APR newspaper the Independent, citing data from the Syrian organization for human rights (SNHR) reported that the bombs and missiles coalition led by the USA have killed more civilians than the actions of the “coalition led by Russia”, or militant “Islamic state”.

On 30 April the joint command of operation “Unwavering commitment” estimated that the number of civilian casualties caused by air strikes in Iraq and Syria since the bombing has reached 352 people. Since the beginning of operations on the territories of the two middle Eastern countries was caused 20205 airstrikes.

On may 4, representatives of Russia, Turkey and Iran signed in Kazakhstan’s Astana a Memorandum on the establishment in Syria of areas of de-escalation (safety). In four of these areas (in Idlib province, to the North of the city of HOMS, Eastern ghouta and in the South) fighting between government forces and the opposition must be stopped from 6 may for six months with subsequent extension.