Tony Blair gave Him tips on dealing with populism

Tony Blair gave Him tips on dealing with populism

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair wrote a letter won the elections of the President of France Emmanuel Makron to. It was Blair who spoke about their experience of reform and how to resist the of populism in politics. The text of the appeal published on the website of the newspaper Le Monde.

Blair advised Him not to lose its appeal. “People in France voted for something new, for something different and for change that have not implemented policies of the past.” In this regard, Blair has warned the elected President that the people support the change in General, but often argue about the specifics.

We must begin with those reforms that will have the greatest effect. In addition, policies should lead to real results, says the former Prime Minister. Blair also warned of the Makron from-the-box thinking: ideas, following in the track of mainstream policy, often not connected with those problems which they must solve. “Often the best ideas can be found not in politics, but beyond it,” writes Blair, mentioning the “global marketplace of ideas” that needs to go Makron in search of solutions to the problems.

If the macron intends to implement reforms, he should be prepared for the reorganization of the bureaucracy, emphasizes Blair. In his tenure as Prime Minister, he realized that to effectively create a separate team of officials under specific tasks.

Also, Tony Blair writes about the need for reform within Europe as a whole. “The [specific] reforms in the context of the reform programme Europe is a much more attractive proposition,” wrote Blair.

Blair has previously expressed a desire to return to politics. According to the former Prime Minister, think that it gave the British exit from the EU. Blair expressed confidence that citizens can change their minds about leaving the Union when they learn about final terms of Brexit.

Previously Makron wrote a letter to Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Nadezhda Savchenko. She asked the new President of France to strengthen sanctions against Russia.