The White house has expressed opposition to trump’s “subversive behavior” of Russia

The White house has expressed opposition to trump’s “subversive behavior” of Russia

Donald trump is opposed to the “subversive behavior” of Russia, however, looking for areas where possible cooperation with Moscow. This was stated on Friday, may 12, assistant to the President on national security General Herbert McMaster, reports TASS.

“I think the President has made it clear that he will resist the disruptive behavior of Russia, such as support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad… or what she was doing in Ukraine. However, the President is looking for possible areas for cooperation,” added McMaster.

Commenting on trump’s contacts with the Russian leadership, including a meeting with foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, McMaster stated that, from his point of view, it is more about sharing opinions than about the solutions.

May 7, Lavrov said that it is difficult to explain the fact that “statements are diametrically opposed to the content heard from the lips of various members of the administration [trump]”. He recalled that the President gave high assessment to the visit of Secretary of state Rex Tillerson in Russia, as well as after a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, at the same time, Tillerson said that the trip has not brought results, and relations between the two countries are in the “low spot”.

The Russian authorities regularly emphasize that the question of Assad’s future should be resolved by the citizens of Syria. While in Washington insist on the withdrawal of the Syrian President from office, calling it one of the main conditions for the normalization of the situation in the country.

The armed conflict in the South-East of Ukraine began in April 2014 after the Ukrainian government announced the start of the antiterrorist operation. Ukrainian authorities regularly accuse Russia of involvement in armed conflict. Moscow denies the charges, citing a lack of evidence.