The U.S. DHS is aware of the “virus-the extortioner” and worked to protect him

The U.S. DHS is aware of the “virus-the extortioner” and worked to protect him

WASHINGTON, may 13 — RIA Novosti. The Ministry of homeland security (DHS) is aware of the situation with the virus WannaCry and working to prevent its impact on civilian and government networks, said in a statement on Friday.

“The Department of homeland security is aware of cases of extortion, known as (the virus) WannaCry that affect some global objects”, — stated in the message.

“DHS is also leading the efforts of the Federal government to protect civilian systems and networks of agencies of Executive power”, — noted there.

The office also reminds us ordinary users, “in March, it was released a special software update that was intended to correct this particular vulnerability, and the installation of this security helps to protect your system from this threat.”

“We urge all Americans to upgrade the operating systems and implement effective methods of cyber security on home computers, at work and in educational institutions,” adds DHS.

It recommends upgrading the system to install the latest software updates. Don’t press and don’t download strange links or files in emails. And to back up data to prevent possible loss.

The Agency has said it is ready to exchange data on this problem and to provide technical support “if necessary”.

Security of the cryptography program, called “WannaCry” may 12 was subjected to computers and systems worldwide. According to experts of “Kaspersky Lab” attack occurred through well-known network vulnerability Microsoft Security Bulletin MS17−010.

“For decryption the criminals demand a ransom to be paid in the amount of $ 600 in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. At the moment, “Kaspersky Lab” recorded around 45 000 attempts of attacks in 74 countries around the world. The greatest number of attempts of infiltrations is observed in Russia”, — said earlier the representative of the company.

To reduce the risk of infection experts “Kaspersky Lab” advise companies to take a number of measures, in particular, to install the official patch from Microsoft that closes used to attack the vulnerability, make sure that you include protective solutions at all network nodes.