The Telegraph saw a Russian footprint in the world attack of the virus-the extortioner

The British newspaper the Telegraph suggests that due to hacker attack, which struck on may 12, tens of thousands of computers worldwide, is the group Shadow Brokers. The newspaper writes that the actions of the attackers allegedly indicate that she may have a connection with Russia and to take revenge for U.S. strikes on Syria.

So, according to the newspaper, April 8 hackers on one of the lesser-known sites published a message to the President of the United States Donald Trump, which criticized him for a missile strike on Syria. “Shadow Brokers voted for you. Shadow Brokers have supported you. Shadow Brokers are losing faith in you”, — the newspaper quotes an excerpt from the message.

Six days later, the criminals said that the kidnapped American governmental Agency “cyberweapons”, which received unprecedented access to computers running on Microsoft Windows, notes The Telegraph.

“Some experts believe that the sequence of actions indicates the Shadow Brokers relationship with the Russian government”, — stated in the material.

May 12, virus-extortionist WanaCrypt0r 2.0 (aka WannaCry), has infected tens of thousands of computers in 74 countries around the world. It encrypts information on your computer and demands to pay the ransom. Experts call this attack the most massive in history.

First, the virus has paralyzed the work of British hospitals and Spanish companies, and later got to Russia, attacking in particular the regional Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs, Investigative Committee and of the cellular operator “MegaFon”. Later in the Ministry and the SC said that recorded the attack, but the infected servers did not happen.

A former employee of the national security Agency (NSA), USA Edward Snowden, who now lives in Russia, has accused the Agency of indirect involvement in this attack. According to him, that the NSA was created hacker tools by which it can be done.