The state Duma will consider the law on subsidies for the purchase of medicines

In the state Duma introduced a bill providing for subsidies from the regional budgets for the purchase of medicines. As writes “the Russian newspaper”, it should help those who are forced to spend big money on medicines from the list vital and essential drugs (EDL), despite the fact that the government regulates their prices.

According to the draft, if the person’s income above the subsistence level, then the medicines from the list vital and essential drugs, the patient should spend no more than 10 percent of their funds. In case of exceeding this threshold, the state will have to offset the costs. If the income is below the minimum, the amount of compensation should be higher.

In the explanatory note to the bill States that according to official data, the poverty line is more than 23 million people, and the prices of medicines, production of which in the majority of cases dependent on imported components, in recent years, increased by 50-150 percent.

February 7, Putin instructed the Russian government to work out measures to prevent the cessation of production of Russian medicines of the lower price segment, included in the list of vital and essential medicines.

18 February, the Federal Antimonopoly service has offered five rubles the price of cheap essential medicines. Without this, said the Agency, the Russian manufacturers will take the cheapest drugs from production, since their production was unprofitable.

On March 2, the Ministry of industry and trade of Russia expressed the idea to abandon regulation of prices for cheap drugs because the present value of their production is unprofitable.