The Kremlin has warned of retaliatory measures in connection with the seizure of the US departmenet

Yuri Ushakov

Moscow will take retaliatory measures if the United States does not return to the Russian diplomatic property seized in the end of last year, warned the Russian presidential aide Yuri Ushakov. His words on Friday, may 12, the correspondent “”.

According to Ushakov, the Russian-American relationship is complicated by “difficult heritage”, which left the former U.S. President, Barack Obama. “To clean up all the rubble is extremely difficult,” he said.

The improvement in bilateral relations depends on addressing many of the stimuli that were created by Washington in recent years, the diplomat said. “In particular, we are waiting for the return of Russian diplomatic property illegally confiscated from us for the New year by U.S. authorities,” — said the representative of the Kremlin.

He also recalled that Moscow did not respond to these actions, as well as the expulsion of employees of the Russian Embassy, “however, the principle of reciprocity in diplomacy, no one has canceled.””We show patience, we believe that Obama went to such a trick before the new year, which simply defies understanding, but our President reacted calmly, carefully,” — said Ushakov.

On 10 may the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov expressed hope that the situation with the Russian departmentu will be able to “discharge without aggravation” of relations between the two countries, writes the RNS. He stressed that the current administration of Washington understands the illegality of its seizure.

On December 29 last year, Obama announced the introduction of new restrictive measures against Moscow. Persona non grata was declared 35 Russian diplomats and their families. Was also denied access to two residential complexes, the so — called suburban dachas of Russia’s permanent mission in new York and the Russian Embassy in Washington.

The next day the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has invited children of American diplomats during new year and Christmas tree in the Kremlin. The Russian leader stressed that U.S. employees depodesta will not be expelled from the country. Their families and children during the January holidays free to enjoy their usual places of recreation, he said.