Telegraph: hacker group Shadow Brokers may be associated with RF

Telegraph: hacker group Shadow Brokers may be associated with RF

LONDON, may 13. /Offset. TASS Maxim Ryzhkov/. A group of hackers, acting under the pseudonym Shadow Brokers and, possibly, associated with Russia may have been behind Friday carried out the cyber attack.

With such an assumption made by the London newspaper Daily Telegraph published on its website an article titled “which tied with Russia cyberbingo Shadow Brokers accused in computer hacking of the National health system”.

However, no evidence of this assertion, the publication does not. In the article, the same idea is supplied in the conditional tense. “Iberbanda with possible ties with Russia accused of hacking into the extraordinary world of computer security may (produced) in retaliation for air (missile) strikes the U.S. on Syria”.

The newspaper reported that the spy software is developed by the national security Agency (NSA) of the United States “to gain access to computers used by terrorists and enemy States”, it was stolen Shadow Brokers.

“In turn, the gang put a computer bug in unknown web site on April 14, just a week after President Donald trump has ordered that the United States bombed (missile attack) Syria.” “Some experts believe that the selected point is important and indicates that the Shadow Brokers has ties with the Russian government”, — stated in the message “Daily Telegraph.

The publication also recalls that on 8 April, ie immediately after the missile strike, the United States on the Syrian base Shirt, Shadow Brokers posted online indignant reaction and prevention Trump in broken English, claiming that before this, the hacker group supported the current U.S. President and voted for him.

Cyber attack in the UK today, affected at least 40 NHS organisations, including hospitals, clinics and health funds.

“We are aware that many of the National health system (NHS) reported that they had suffered from the attacks of the virus-the extortioner. But her purpose wasn’t the NHS, it is an international attack, which affected many countries and organizations,” — said in connection with the incident, the Prime Minister of the UK and Theresa may.

The attack, carried out by the NSA developed spyware software, has spread to 74 countries, with the greatest number of attempts of infiltrations is observed in Russia.