Tax returns trump has been associated with Russia revenues

Tax returns trump has been associated with Russia revenues

A study of tax returns trump showed that over the last ten years, the current President of the United States was not connected with Russia of income, with the exception of two cases.

Tax returns Donald trump over the last ten years, there are no data on loans given to him by the Russian creditors, and the investment of Russians in the capital controlled by the trump companies, reports Associated Press referring to lawyers of the President of the United States.

In a statement the lawyers said that the same declarations does not contain information about obtaining trump “income of any kind from Russian sources”, with the exception of two cases.

The first exception was the deal signed by trump in 2008, with Dmitry Rybolovlev, in which the Russian billionaire bought the trump mansion in palm beach for $95 million. Commenting on the deal, trump said that the buyer “just happened to be from Russia,” and he Rybolovlev not even met.

The second “Russian” deal trump was the contract on carrying out in Moscow in 2013 beauty contest “Miss universe” in which the main owner Crocus Group of Aras Agalarov has paid the firm trump’s $14 million

In the AP explained that lawyers trump has not published the tax returns themselves, so the Agency is unable to verify the correctness of their findings.

By trump in an interview to NBC on may 11 said the lack of any business ties with Russia. “Many believe that I have an office building in Moscow. I have no ownership in Russia”, — he stressed.

In October 2016, the newspaper Finacial Times analyzed all the communications of billionaire Donald trump of Russia and published an article in which reference was also made to deal with Rybolovlev and Agalarov. In addition, the FT came to the conclusion that during the 2000s, buyers from Russia purchased the property associated with trump hundreds of millions of dollars. While Trump Organization did not agree with the fact that the Russians spent on development projects more than other countries.