Sobyanin proposed 12 additional guarantees to residents of demolished five-story building

Sergei Sobyanin

Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin has proposed to introduce additional guarantees for the residents of the capital’s buildings that fall within the renovation programme. The corresponding bill submitted to the Moscow city Duma, reported on the website of the city government.

The document provides for 12 additional guarantees. “There should be a guarantee of judicial protection and on the issue of renovation, and on the question of the equivalence and the equivalence of the housing. All the guarantees of judicial protection of citizens have to be,” said the mayor.

Under the bill, the residents of demolished five-story building at any time can refuse the participation of his home in the renovation programme. The decision should be taken at the General meeting of owners and tenants of apartments.

In addition, they should be provided with equivalent apartments in new buildings. It also assumes the provision of housing in the same area, including in the Central administrative district, but with the exception of Zelenograd and New Moscow. In addition, the apartments should have an improved finish. Called and such cepharanthine as a comfortable urban environment, assistance with relocation and full compensation to the owners of non-residential premises.

Capital law will come into force after the adoption of a similar Federal law, which now is on consideration in the state Duma.

As stated by the mayor, the demolition of all the buildings that fall under the program of renovation of the housing stock will take at least 10-15 years.

In early may, city hall has published a list of houses that can be include in the programme of renovation of residential quarters. Just got 4546 objects. The list includes the building of the first period of industrial housing and some other similar homes that are in poor technical condition.

Order on the demolition of the Moscow Khrushchev and the construction in their place new housing Sobyanin gave the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in February.