Police in Chelyabinsk was hit by two children on the move

Police in Chelyabinsk knocked down two children crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing. This is stated in the press service of the regional Department of the MIA of Russia.

The accident occurred on Friday evening, may 12. Boys born in 2008 were crossing the street at a controlled crossing on a green traffic signal, when they drove a police officer for Chevrolet. The children received injuries, was hospitalized.

“The police provided immediate aid to the victims and called an ambulance. Of intoxication the employee is not revealed”, — is spoken in the message.

Upon an event of service check. If the fault of the police confirmed, he will be prosecuted in accordance with applicable law and disciplinary action, including dismissal from service.

The management of GU MVD of Russia in the Chelyabinsk region has decided to give victims the boys the help they need.

In late March, the car of crew of traffic police brought down the girl crossing the road on the unregulated pedestrian crossing on the North-West of Moscow. The police took the victim to the hospital.