In Spain thousands of people demanded to ban bullfighting

In Spain thousands of people demanded to ban bullfighting

MADRID, may 13 — RIA Novosti. Several thousand people came out Saturday evening for a protest March in Madrid, demanding a ban to bullfighting in the country.

According to the organizers, the rally was attended by 18 thousand people, the authorities put the number much lower — three thousand. Just to share, which was held under the slogan “Fighting with bulls — this violence, can you stop him”, was joined by 17 different organizations for the protection of animals, as well as numerous social and political organizations, associations, platforms, including the party United left, Podemos, Equo.

“Release the bulls!”, “Torture is not culture!” chanted the demonstrators, who marched through the main streets of Madrid, the Puerta del Sol.

The participants also demanded to exclude any “performance” associated with the bulls, from the lists of cultural heritage, and to cease to provide any government financial assistance for similar events.

According to the organizers, now 75% of the space for fighting bulls in the country are not used in the original order, and only 9% Torero and other professionals in this field enter the arena.

The time has come to seriously start the debate about bull fighting, their support is the lowest in history.The organizers of the rally

Despite the fact that in some regions, where bullfighting is not held (for example, in Catalonia) in the Spanish capital on the area of the bulls in Las Ventas are still from April to early October to see a bullfight.