Central Bank announced a massive hacking attack on Russian banks

The center for monitoring and responding to computer attacks in the financial sphere of the Bank of Russia (Finart) recorded a mass mailing banks malicious software. On Saturday, may 13, reported the press service of the regulator, RIA Novosti reported.

“Fincert recorded a mass mailing banks of malicious software (…) however, the facts compromising the resources of credit institutions are not fixed”, — assured the Bank of Russia. What specific financial institutions have been under attack not reported.

The Central Bank said that the center is in the middle of April it was sent to the banks information about the signs of compromise, as well as methods of identifying and anti-malware type “cryptographer”.

On Saturday a cyber attack reported in the “Russian Railways”. “On the IT system, the Railways had been produced viral attack, the virus is present, the localized maintenance work for its destruction and updating of anti-virus protection” — quoted by TASS statement by the representative of the company. He stressed that failures in technological process, was not the carriage of passengers and cargoes are carried out in the operating mode.

On may 12, virus attack said the interior Ministry of Russia.

On this day, the virus-extortionist WanaCrypt0r 2.0 (aka WannaCry), has infected tens of thousands of computers in 74 countries around the world. It encrypts information on your device and requires you to pay the ransom. First, the virus has paralyzed the work of British hospitals and Spanish companies, and then got to Russia. Experts call this attack the most massive in history.

The British newspaper the Telegraph suggested that the attack is the hacker group Shadow Brokers allegedly related to Russia.