Avakov told about their clothing with the symbols of the Soviet Union


RIA Novosti

The Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov admitted that stores clothes with symbols of the Soviet Union, reports “UKRINFORM”.

Thus, the Minister defended the new police chief of the Dnepropetrovsk area Vitaly Hlukhoverya, which Ukrainian social network was criticized for a photo in the sweater with the inscription “USSR”.

Avakov noted that he considers meaningless to discuss the picture and sees no cause for condemnation Glukhoverya and doubts about his commitment to Ukraine.

“I have a cloak of red to toe the national team of the USSR on track, which I sponsored. And it is the basis to bear this nonsense? This man is a patriot to the bone!” — Avakov declared.

In may 2015 in Ukraine entered into force the law “About the condemnation of the Communist and Nazi regimes” prohibiting propaganda of Soviet symbols. The Ministry of justice of Ukraine in accordance with the “law on de-communization” decided to deprive the Communist party of the rights to be the subject of political and electoral processes.