At the head of the Department of Moscow University stole a pack of rubber crocodiles

In Moscow the woman stole collectible toy — rubber crocodiles. About the Agency “Moscow” has informed a source in law enforcement bodies.

The police asked 40-year-old Muscovite, occupying the position of head of Department of Moscow regional social-economic Institute (MRAI). According to her, was kidnapped from the entrance of the house №41 on lavender Boulevard package with crocodiles hanging on the handle of the scooter. The victim estimates the loss at seven thousand. Criminal case about the theft.

In October 2016 in the North of Moscow from the car of pensioners stole two bags of toys and a circular saw. Unknown broke the glass parked in the yard Hyundai, owned by 69-year-old man and committed theft. In fact the incident a criminal case was initiated.

In August of the same year in St.-Petersburg in the car women party planner, broke the glass and stole three thousand balloons and 11 reels of tapes.