ABC: preparing tax documents trump’s company has an office in Russia

ABC: preparing tax documents trump’s company has an office in Russia

NEW YORK, may 13. /Offset. TASS Igor Borisenko/. The American law firm Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, where staff prepared a document that trump has no business ties with Russia, in 2016 in London recognized by Chambers & Partners “the Best Russian law firm of the year 2016”. With such a statement issued on Friday, the broadcaster ABC.

Employees of the firm Morgan, Lewis & Bockius acted as advisors on tax issues for trump and his Trump Organization company c 2005, it was noted in the report. In March of this year, they prepared a letter, which on the basis of the analysis of tax documents of trump over the past 10 years came to the conclusion that these documents “do not reflect” relationships trump with Russia, “with few exceptions”. On Friday, the text of the letter was circulated by the White house.

Meanwhile, as noted by ABC, the London legal publication Chambers & Partners at the annual gala event called Morgan, Lewis & Bockius “Best Russian law firm of the year 2016”. The London edition has information about that company, founded in 1873, has 29 offices in the USA, Europe and Asia, and the middle East.

A company representative said that none of the lawyers of Morgan, Lewis & Bockius not engaged in Russia, any questions that would relate to Trump. Partner Sheri Dillon, responding to a question about ABC, could trump any other business ties with Russia, said the letter “speaks for itself”.

There is no indication on the income from Russia

As it became known on Friday, in a document prepared by lawyers of the company, indicated that the US President is the “sole or main owner of more than 500 separate organizations,” i.e., companies and firms. Their tax documentation “does not reflect” first, “no income of any kind from Russian sources”; second, the “no duty” of trump or his companies “Russian creditors”; third, “any investment by Russian individuals or entities in the share capital of” companies trump; fourth, “any equity or debt investment in the Russian organization” from the side of the trump or his companies.

Made the caveat that this is true “with few exceptions”. They immediately listed and also numbered. First, it is the income of the competition Miss universe 2013 held in Moscow; the income of this “constituted a substantial part of the total $12.2 million of foreign income of the project during the year.”

Secondly, it is income from sales in 2008 “one of the Russian billionaires” for $95 million of real estate, which the organization trump “bought in 2005 for about $41 million.” Thirdly, according to lawyers, “it seems likely” that during the reporting years, the Russians acquired companies trump “in the usual manner” of various goods and services — from hotels to “rounds of Golf”.

Trump has already said that he has no business ties with Russia. But his political opponents in response to the request he made public his tax returns. Now, according to American news Agency AP, citing employees of the White house, trump has instructed his lawyers to make a request letter for the Republican Senator from South Carolina Lindsey Graham.