Trump found the excuse Democrats for the debacle in the elections amused Russia

American President Donald trump suggested on Twitter that Russia furtively chuckling over how the US tear itself apart after losing the election of the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

“Russia must be furtive chuckles, watching the US tear itself to pieces because of the excuses Democrats for electoral defeat”, — wrote the President of the United States.

Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump)
11 may 2017, 20:34

In the United States after the election of the President conducted an investigation of alleged external interference in the election campaign. The initiators of the proceedings, many of whom were supporters of the democratic party and the Clinton impose on Russia responsible for a series of cyber attacks against American political organizations. The CIA, FBI and NSA had previously prepared a report, which claimed that President Vladimir Putin personally ordered to organize a campaign in order to win trump. Moscow has consistently rejected all such accusations.

11 may trump in the NBC interview, refuted “the secret cooperation with the Russians” and stressed that “Russia did not affect the vote,” however, made for the continuation of the FBI’s investigation to “find out whether the election problems that are associated with Russia.” May 10 White house spokesman Sean Spicer said that trump had no objection to the investigation.

Two days before the hearings in the Senate of the Congress of the former head of the US justice Department refused to confirm “conspiracy” trump with the Russian side. Former Director of national intelligence James Clapper said the senators that he knew nothing about any evidence of collusion between the environment trump and representatives of Russia.

Hillary Clinton may 3 in an interview with CNN has called the culprits of his defeat in the elections of Russian hackers and FBI Director James Komi.

In the fall of 2016, shortly before the US presidential elections, the website WikiLeaks published tens of thousands of documents, under the General title “letters Podestà”. John Podesta headed the election campaign of Hillary Clinton. The first part of materials was published on 7 October, the last on 31 October. The candidate in US presidents from Democratic party have accused Russia of dissemination of these data.